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Couples / Relationship Coaching & Hypnosis

My name is Laura McGregor I’m a Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist with a specialism in Relationships, Love, Sex and Intimacy for both individuals and couples. 


If you’d like to work together in couples hypnosis therapy then over the next few sessions you are going to have an opportunity to take your relationship to a new level. This is an opportunity to explore your relationship within the context of personal growth and awareness. As you proceed with the exercises in my program you will be deepening the level of truth, honesty, and subsequently the love that you share with each other. 


If you desire to create a relationship that is based on a foundation of personal integrity and responsibility and take your relationship to a profoundly higher level of maturity, wisdom, and beauty, I encourage you to commit to working with me in this program, and do it honestly, openly, and from your heart. 


Do you believe that if your partner would change that the relationship would work out just right? 


If your reasons for doing this program are because you have figured out everything about relationships but your partner is the one you are hoping to change, I would encourage you to examine those beliefs, look deeper within yourself, and see what it is that would cause you to choose to be in a relationship with someone who you consider needs improvement where you do not. 


I invite you to consider a concept: 


  • Couples attract each other unconsciously in order to heal. 

  • Couples are likely to experience equal and opposite distance from the point at which they need to grow. 

  • Opposites attract AND like attracts like. 


The likeness is that on your journey, for the most part, you are in alignment with each other’s basic values, the level of growth you have reached, often the level of education or attractiveness is similar. The basic foundation for building a relationship is about on even ground. That is the like attracting like. 


On the other hand, your approach to the relationship may come from a different perspective entirely. One wants to spend more time together, the other less. One wants more intimacy, the other more alone time. One is more adventurous, the other likes to think things through more. These are where the opposites attract is also true. 


Both of these are purely unconscious. No matter how perfect or ideal someone seems like they may be for you, you cannot make yourself fall in love with them. On the other hand, no matter how angry the behavior of the other gets you, you can not live without them. 


Change is scary. 


Fear of change is probably one of the most basic human fears that there is and as humans, we will do almost anything to avoid change. So, it’s all right if you feel a little scared of what you may need to do differently. 


“What am I afraid that I might have to change in order to cause this relationship to work?” 


And even if you don’t know the answer or you are unsure if that is even true, I ask you to consider honestly that there may be some things you can do differently in order to make the relationship work.


If so, you are now one step closer. Owning some responsibility for changing empowers you to be able to do something about your relationship. If you are completely depending on the relationship working when he or she stops doing or does this or that, it will work; you are going to set yourself up for a big disappointment. And you are powerless over someone else’s actions. 


“Do you believe that you are willing to change and do things differently but they aren’t?” 


That is another place where people choose to go victim to that situation. And when that happens, you give up and say well, I’m not going to change if they won’t. That is where so many couples end up in a place called resistance; resistant to their partner, resistant to change, resistant to the relationship. This pattern can not lead to anything productive. 


Many times, the partner resorts to this because they get tired of doing all the work and they just lose hope and want to give up. Now, here’s the truth about that situation. If you sit back and do nothing and wait for them to do something then nothing will ever change or improve. In fact, it will be one big downward spiral. 


The good news is, one person can change the direction of the relationship. 


All it takes is one person to make a stand for how they want the relationship, change those things within themselves, which will eventually lead to one of two things. One, the partner will begin to follow your lead and work with you or that person who is making a stand is at the same time, building their own sense of confidence and esteem such that they will simply outgrow the relationship and attract a relationship that is in alignment with their actions. That is just natural. 

So, it never really pays off to resist doing the work necessary in a relationship just because the other person won't. You will win no matter which direction it goes if you are being true to who you are. 


And that is the next point that I want to discuss. 


Lack of communication of Truth is the single biggest problem all relationships face. Couples lie to each other from the moment they meet and on an ongoing basis. These lies are never discussed. Ever. And not only that but most couples aren’t even aware that they have spent the majority of their relationship lying to each other. 


Have you played out this scenario? “Honey, is something wrong?” And got or gave the answer, “Oh... nothing.” 


If you have found yourself answering nothing when something was really bothering you, that was a lie. 


Energetically there is no more significance to a big lie than a small lie. What is really going on here is an energy exchange. A flow of information going from one person to another. Energy is always moving and growing and expanding and it creates. When the question was asked, what is and you say “no” there is an energy block and that energy cannot go where it is supposed to go. The other person knows that something was wrong otherwise they wouldn’t have asked. 


This is a commonly encountered situation. 


When it comes to lying, I am going to suggest that the word, at least for our purposes encompasses all forms of withholding information from another person. 


The place I will be coming from with you throughout the program is this: The truth is all you have. The truth is a reality. And the truth, no matter how bad or good you think it maybe will heal you, your relationships, and set you completely free. 


When you lie or you don’t reveal the real you, the real you who wants to be loved can’t really get it. It is the biggest lie that you tell yourselves when you get someone to love us for whom you really are not. 


What are you saying to your inner self? I don’t feel worthy, good enough, or deserving to be loved exactly the way I really am. Something is wrong with the real me. And the real you does not get loved. The real you can not be loved without first bringing it to the table. How can a part of you that needs love get loved, if it’s not even revealed? But the saddest part of this is that this form of rejection, this self-rejection is actually more damaging to your self-esteem then if you were rejected by somebody else. Why? Because as you tell the truth about who you are and accept those things about you, it becomes less important what other people think about you. In this case, however, it is more important than someone else like you, so you reject yourself, more than it is for you to like yourself. 


That’s the truth about lying. The only person you really ever lie to is you. That is because you are kidding yourself when you live your life as if a person is in love with you when in reality they are in love with the fantasy you have created for them about yourself. 


• 95% of people in the world suffer from low self-esteem. 

• 50% of all marriages end in divorce. 


People are so afraid to reveal their true selves, vulnerabilities, needs, and feelings that they don’t get out of the relationship all that is really available. They sell themselves short, which in turn leads to the partner falling short of their unmentioned expectations, blame their partners for not meeting those needs and resentment is create, the romance is killed and it goes downhill from there. 


Of course, I am generalizing and speaking about a very broad dynamic that is created in most relationships. 

My stand about relationships in reality and which will be the context of this program is based on a simple concept and that is the truth. I will challenge you to discover your truth, feel your truth, discuss your truth, and live your truth. 


At times, that may feel uncomfortable, however, trying to be comfortable is what keeps people stuck and prevents you from moving forward. 


You can start right now, healing. In my opinion, relationships are one of the best vehicles for personal growth and learning about you that was ever created. 

Each of the sessions in this program will challenge you to explore yourself, explore your truth, and share your truth. This will require a high level of vulnerability and integrity to get the most out of the program. 


As I mentioned before, this is not about getting the other person to change. It’s a program about accepting responsibility for the state of your relationship, accepting your partner for exactly who they are and becoming more of who you really are such that you attract what it is that you really want. Whether what you really want happens to turn up in the relationship you are in or finding out that it’s time to move on can only be revealed to you when you get in touch with your true self. 


Trust your true self to take you to the purest joy you have ever experienced and you will. Opening yourself completely will give you such a sense of freedom that you will ultimately experience a deeper connection with yourself and your partner. 


My passion is helping people eradicate the silence, repression and shame felt around relationships, love, sex and their bodies and replacing it with honesty, connection, self-acceptance, belonging, healthy intimacy and sexual expression. My purpose is to be an advocate for pleasure and personal exploration as a tool for overall holistic wellness.


“Belonging is the innate human desire to be part of something larger than us. Because this yearning is so primal, we often try to acquire it by fitting in and by seeking approval, which is not only hollow substitutes for belonging but often barriers to it. Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” — Brené Brown, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Your relationship with yourself is the template for your relationships with others. It dictates the quality of all your relationships. We are not always connected to our own experience and because of this, we can have difficulty translating the depth of intimacy with others. Getting emotionally honest means that we can speak from our experience as opposed to our thoughts.


The very act of taking time for yourself relaxing and connecting to your mind and body through relaxing hypnosis will help you not only reclaim but ignite your inner sexual self. 


I’d like you to see these sessions together as a beautifully engraved invitation for you to gently, respectfully press the edges of your comfort zone with the aim of revealing and expressing instead of repressing or shaming. To step into intimacy with yourself and learn what it means to be your real authentic self. 


It’s here you can experience real growth in a safe space to explore what we don't normally speak about. To learn how to create an intimate moment with another person through the intimacy you create with yourself. 


Laura McGregor, CCHT

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