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About US

Manifest Passion was birthed first and foremost, with love and playfulness. However, we take the philosophy of one's personal relationship with sex, pleasure and the ability to harness the sexual energy within you to give pleasure to another, very seriously. We've spent our lifetimes in sexual exploration and study. We have a nearly insatiable thirst and curiosity about all things sexy. We're able to provide rich insights and varied experiences to share with our clients both from the female and male perspectives.

A great coach listens and helps you find the answers that are already within you. We promise that no matter how broken the situation, you are not. 

We are not counsellors. However, we can help you to tap into your body and bring fun back into your bedroom in a safe, sane and consensual way.


You will feel more alive, more attractive and more confident. You will learn how to Ignite sexual energy and connection, to let go and truly enjoy sex, to communicate your needs, to find your inner seductress/seducer, to be in your body in an erotic way, to increase emotional connection with your partner and most importantly to feel comfortable and confident in your own bodies.

It is a true gift for us to have an opportunity to work with you and it feels deeply connected to our soul's purpose to help and share knowledge with the world.



As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Erotic Author, Aromatherapist, Masseuse and Reiki Master I have a keen knowledge of how we can use our powerful subconscious mind and all of our senses to tap into the deeply sensual muse within each of us.

Taking the time to know, love, trust, explore and honour your relationships, sexual health and intimacy for the benefit of greater love and pleasure should be part of everyone's wholistic wellness toolkit.

I have been through the trenches of my own emotional and sexual intimacy, my sexuality, my experience of pleasure for myself and the pleasure I give to others. 

I rode the edges of all my comfort zones and pushed my boundaries in terms of self-love, self-acceptance, eroticism and kink. I have explored honestly what love, sex and intimacy are to me and I have learned a great deal in the shadows and in my connections. 

It’s these experiences and my training as a clinical hypnotherapist that qualifies me to be here today to share great tools and exercises that I hope will be a catalyst for you to begin or deepen your own journey. 

It is a great honour for me to teach others the tools to help them do the same. 

Laura McGregor C.CHt

Canada / USA 


Certified Clinical hypnotherapist

& Sex & Intimacy Coach


As a natural-born sensualist and quintessential free spirit I help women, men and couples explore ways to be more loving towards each other.

Growing up in a conservative Jamaican household, sex was not something openly expressed or explored.  Over the years I've become an expert at supporting people to be brave and have important conversations. My strongest passion is for helping people openly explore their deepest desires and embrace pleasure.



For as long as I can remember I've been the person friends came to discuss the art and science of sex and sexuality. As a professional Dominatrix, I have had the pleasure first hand of shaping dynamic and kink within the safe, sane and consensual law of BDSM.  

Nubia Frank

Sex Coach - UK/EUROPE

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